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that he hasn't really explained the u.s. strategy. jake tonight with the answers. >> as the coalition forces continue to pummel libb yashtion the president spoke yet again today trying to explain to the american people l fundamental question. why is the u.s. in libya? last tuesday the president received intelligence that gadhafi force were his approaching the rebel stronghold of benghazi city of 700,000 even more rapidly than had been anticipated. gadhafi said we will show no mercy. >> and in the face of that the international community rallied and said we have to stop pl any potential atrocity inside of libb yaishtion sources say the president was alarmed not just about the potential mass slaughter but also that not stopping it would say pro democracy demonstrators throughout the arab world that the u.s. abandoned you and say to dictator that mubarak was fool for leaving and further destabilize libya neighbor egypt and tu neetion still vulnerable after own revolutio revolution. murky and suddenly launched war, the president says he wants to oust gadhafi from power but that is no
milliliters at once. they are facing up to 8,000 times that. that is more radiation than a u.s. work wore face in a career and what experts consider lethal. people sent tributes via tweets. one man wrote whatever the closest equivalent of a noble pride they deserve that and more. these are likely men with wives, children facing their own perils outside the zone. they wait and watch from afar and worry. >> their dedication to their country and work and fellow person is really demonstrated a willingness to work through the trying conditions to protect both the country of japan and their fellow citizens. >> rescue specialists arrived in japan today. they came from the united states, britain and china. local officials welcomed them with heartfelt appreciation. >> thank you very much. i would like to express our thanks. >> the teams break into small groups to begin search for tsunami victims moving on only after marking the spots they have checked for any signs of life. >> the first time we have been able to see anything. to be honest, it will be a very long job and big job for them and we will do
, reactor core. crisis all the way around. now the u.s. navy is racing to the rescuexd about to return and u.s. is flying in 5 giant pump from the navy base and deliver enormous amounts of water after helicopters sprayed water to no avail. martha tonight with the latest on this disaster. >> one expert told us it is like using a squirt begun to put out a forest fire. japanese fire truck using riot control water hoses to tackle red hot nuclear reactor. helicopters swooping overhead dropping bucket after bucket. every effort falling short. but here is the encouraging news. japanese plant operators have connected a new electric power line to the plant. this entire crisis began when the power was knocked out. if the japanese lift the switch for the critical water pump to cool the reactor don't work then it is american pump to the rescue. the pentagon has shipped high pressure pump but no u.s. personnel. once again the japanese will have workers willing to risk their lives operating them. today for the first time a close-up look at how dire things are. you can see reactor 3. charred
are biodegradable and they retained a cleanup crew to remove any lingering debris. the u.s. environmental protection agency, the coast guard and city and county of san francisco all investigating now. the city says it never approved a permit for that balloon release. >>> well, 18,000 people are expected at the video game conference where the balloons were released today. and if you are a game developer the place to be is the must co-any center. at the annual game developers conference you can see the future of an industry growing exponentially. arts and entertainment reporter don sanchez is there. >> reporter: lots of action. the newest in video games and the advanced equipment to play them on. these people talk about creativity in their business. >> they talk about best practices, innovation. they talk about the future of technology and new trends. >> reporter: it is a place to show off exploring possibilities. nintendo is launching the new 3d s on march 27th. >> true 3d graphics without the use of graphics which is amazing. >> it will sell for $249.95. creators are making games more complex. in sh
radiation would reach the u.s. or territory but uncertainty could continue for week in scenario with no melt counsel but reactor not stabilized yet either. >> well the massive earthquake has now been upgraded to magnitude 9.0. making it the fourth largest quake ever recorded. death toll from the tsunami continues to rise as well. now stands at 2800 but thousands more are missing and feared dead. millions face a fourth night without food water or heat. japan coast line continues to be assaulted by after shock. latest 6.2. stock market index plunged over expected loss by japanese industry. japan central bank put 184 billion dollars in money market to protect the teetering economy. >>> so for the people of japan this nightmare continues. diane sawyer is there with new pictures of the tunnel of water sweeping that the country. >> today of new way of seeing the raw power of tsunami. new image of neighborhood on the move. water swirling. smashing a community of homes. drivers taking refuge on top of the cars. and new sense of how quickly the tsunami struck. there was calm water. then wa
offense has been working with the state attorney general offense, the san francisco u.s. torn and san bruno police on a review of possible civil or criminal violations. he says he is careful to call it a review because he doesn't want to implicate pg&e without good cause. >> we have things that have caught our eye but again ntsb and the scientists, we need them. i can't tell you about maximum pressures and lines and 1955 lines versus 2008 audit reports. that comes from the experts. >> reporter: the ntsb acknowledges public education is hard to do well. tomorrow's panel at the hearing focuses on industry technology including remote shutoff and automatic shut off rolfs. valves. in washington, heather ishimaru, abc 7 news. >>> governor brown is asking lieumakers to delay a vote on his budget plan. he set tomorrow as the deadline for the legislature to decide whether to put a series of tax extensions on the ballot in june. as we have been reporting he does not have enough support among republicans. spokesman says the governor is therefore talking with lawmakers from both parties but did n
scared while it was shaking. the building shook side ways and lights went out. u.s. continues to help trying to restore power to the plants with 5 huge water pump from the u.s. standing by for action. meanwhile the heart break continues. this man is still looking for his wife. even though i have lost everything he says, it would be okay if she were still alive. yet glimmer of light. 2 cousins over joy at finding each other alive. and this woman reunited with the beloved dog she thought she would never hold again. chuck, abc news. >> more to come here on the news at 9:00. as we continue why you want to make sure that you check out the moon this weekend. plus pg&e missing pipeline records. how you could end up getting caught in the wrath of state regulators. >> i will be thanking them every day for the rest of my life. >> mother heart felt thank you to the heroes. act of bravery that saved her son's life. to the heroes. act of bravery that saved her son's life. news at 9:00 continues like men's polos in every color! just $9.99. half off juniors arizona bottoms bath towels ar
less than the initial phase in which the u.s. is carrying the overwhelming load. of the 1671 tomahawks fired so far, 157 were american. four british. of the 175 sorts flown since the operation started 115 u.s. flights and of 2 b 62 by other countries. observers say you can disterp misgivings about how quickly this was launched in the remarks of the secretary of defense. >> the command and control business is complicated and we have. done something like this --we haven't done something like this on the fly before. >> reporter: intelligence report indicate that quaddafi is not sleeping. as official says that those close to quaddafiers concerned about the direction of events and looking for a way out. the question is whether they are doing that for themselves or quaddafi. is path made all the more puzzling because quaddafi's state of mind is so difficult to discern. >>> my newt particles of radiation from the damaged nuclear power plant in japan are being reported in france and iceland. a distance of 6,000 miles. in the meantime, officials in tokyo have told parents to top giving tap wate
of them having rescue a crew member of a u.s. fighter jet that crashed. meanwhile thes who white house is studying all types of assistance for rebels battling quaddafi troops. >> once a close ally of quaddafi, the defect section a major loss. but in libya, quaddafi's military is making gains on o the ground, taking back key oil towns. the rebels are on the run, hundreds of pickup trucks and buses retreating back toward the east, a sign of how heavily they depended on the international umbrella of the no fly zone. the fight of the rebels is -- sources say that president obama signed a presidential finding. it does not allow for arms to be provided but peaks the way for presidential ordering of such support. so little is known about the rebels there are serious questions about who they are. >> we have seen flickers in the intelligence of potential al-qaeda, hezbollah, we have seen different things. >> that is one of president obama's concerns. what will arming these rebels ultimately mean in the long-term while in libya the fighting continues. larry jacobs, abc news. >>> and while a lot
and shipping of japanese goods that come to the u.s. so much so that this tanker from japan was the first to arrive at the port of oakland today since the disaster two weeks ago. lee ann reports on the economic impact ever since. >> after china and south korea japan third largest exporter of container goods to the u.s. things like cars and auto part parts. computer and electronic product. these are the people who move those goods from the port of oakland. >> i have seen a lot of auto parts. mainly parts and machinery, al agricultural. >>reporter: electricity shortage that manufacturing plants in japan have slowed down production. then there are the damage roads and bridges that make getting goods from point a to b difficult. truck drivers at the port of oakland know they will start feeling the impact in a few week also. >> right now january february and march is like. that it's low. this year is going to be l more than that because it's miami. l that's all we have we have to wait for that. major company in silicon valley like apple already being affected. james lincoln with the
of those 2 u.s. airmen whose fighter jet crashed in libya. alex is at the scene of that crash. >>reporter: so many villager came to the crash site today. there's now a dirt path leading through the wheat. the wing and tail the only recognizable part. rest burned almost beyond recognition. if at first we were scared. thought it was gadhafi plane that would strike us the man said. on board the f-15 2 crew members. pilot and seated behind him the weapon systems officer. plane preparing for airstrike carries heavy weapon richlt at 11:33 p.m. equipment failure. weapon officer ejects first. followed within a second by the pilot. 2 parachuting down into the darkness. the pilot separated from its partner holding a gps beacon and pistol. sees villager approaching and radio for help. after 1:30 am u.s. jet arrive dropping 2 500 pound bombs pushed pwabingt unidentified group. at 2:19 am 2 osprey reach the stranded fighter pilot. chopper stand ready with marine. not needed. one land and stranded pilot rescued. the second crew member landed in a nearby fiel field. 27-year-old injured
accident in u.s. history happened in 1979 at three-mile island. a one-two punch was to blame. a broken valve leaked out steam. the core melted down. most dangerous kind of nuclear accident. thankfully tragedy was avoided because the containment wall remained intact. >> no significant amount of radioactivity was released from the three-mile island plant. the impact on the local population was essentially zero. >> u.c. berkeley engineering team discussed the impact on the power plant. increase of 1,000 times normal radiation in the control room. experts say those levels are not drowsinessly, they are certainly concerned that there is any radiation leak at all. nuclear engineering professor says this type of leak is unprecedented. >> the leak was so gigantic that there is a high probability that the containment and pressure vessel were damaged. so, it should be combined in the containment systems is now leaking into a control room and eventually to the environment. >> the professor says it should take engineers two to three days to cool down the reattacker and avoid any further radiation
a partnership called the u.s. integrated ocean observing system or i use led by noaa. collaboration will lift a veil of secret off the ocean. >> working in a vacuum is personally unsatisfying and professionally unsatisfying and all of a sudden to have 100 times more information overnight is really revolutionize the way we are doing our science. >> researchers say working together they can get a better picture of the ocean health and create policies to protect it. in pacific grove, abc 7 news. >>> scientist have discovered a new sea bird. first knew species of sea bird found in 55 years. the sparrow size black and white storm petrol discovered last month in a coastal area off chile. the bird was lakely missed by darwin when he sailed the same area a haven't century ago. how big a deal is this? if we had won the lottery we could not feel better. >> when we continue tonight. high school star makes the winning play then collapses and die. we learn what happened to had heart. >> fat deposit a check in his daughter account and the money goes missing. i'm michael. coming up on 7 on your side.
in the u.s. aren't doing enough to combat terrorism. pointed to a poster from a web site bay area chapter of care. council on american islamic relations. >> responsible muslim american leaders must reject the discredit group such as care. >>reporter: executive director of care bay area chapter is this man. >> we are saying don't talk to the fbi without an attorney. we are saying don't talk to the fbi without knowing your rights. but also that poster was taken off the care web site because we were concerned that it was in conflict with our policy of constitutionally informed cooperation. >>reporter: bay area congresswoman spear told the committee the hearings should take a broader way. >> if we are really going to be complete in this hearing t-we should also be investigating the army of god and their web site in which they openly praise christian terrorists as part of an effort to look at homegrown terrorism in this country. >>reporter: in a heavily muslim american neighborhood in free mont, the hearings in dc are drawing criticism. >> we are not the visitor. we have to live and die
not be an argument for never acting. on behalf of what is right. >> he added in libya the u.s. had international mandate for action, broad coalition, support of arab country and plea from the lybian people. >> as president i refuse to wait for the image of slairt an mass graves before taking action. >> the president said he will work politically to remove kadafi 40 power but the military mission does not include regime change and he added nato will take over the lead in the military action this wednesday. house minority leader pelosi stood by the president action. >> i think the president was courageous news doing that. i think it accomplished its goal. saved tens of thousands of lives. >> pelosi says members of congress are concerned that the mr. to act. >> to do nothing in the case when a man on path of show no mercy is not remain neutral. >> but congresswoman spear said the president should have told congress and what the end game will be before going in. >> this is has the pl fingerprint of afghanistan all over again. >> l she's not ready inform condemn the president action but she does h
was at war. and now he is here. in the middle of the fight. touring the u.s. war ships off the coast of libya. he brought the sailors and marines some encouragement from the commander in chief. >> he said how are the attacks going and i said mr. president, the marines are hammering the bleep out of them. >>reporter: today general ham for the first time saw colonel gadhafi daring to violate the in fly zone putting up an aircraft. >> we saw before lybian fighter jet taking off. detected by french aircraft and standing rules of engagement appropriat appropriately attacked that aircraft. >>reporter: this is the ship that sent rescue team to pick up the downed f-15 pilot. these are the 2 marine pilots who picked him up after he and his weapons officers had ejected at 22,000 feet. in the dead of night. it is the first time they have told their story. >> we saw his flare on the ground and we got eyes on his position. and airplane way up overhead at about 25,000 feet was able to shine a laser down. >>reporter: they could hear his voice over the radio. >> how describe the situation. >
up 6 percent. 2 japanese auto makers with factory in the u.s. halt some production because they are not sure how many parts will be available to build more cars p.subaru suspended production at the plant in indiana which employs 3500 workers and built 150,000 vehicles last year. toyota also suspending over time and production on saturday at all of the north american plants. so it can assess the availability of parts. >> senate energy committee will look at nuclear safety in the country tomorrow. bay area is well aware of the need to keep critical facilities open and operating after a major earthquake. before david louie shows us 2 example of how technology will hopefully make a difference. >>reporter: with the soaring ceiling and wall of glass the international terminal at sfo looks vulnerable but designed to withstand 8 point earthquake. >> i believe it if they say it but you never know. you know. until it happens. >>reporter: this is damage to the old central terminal after the 1989 about earthquake. that is not expected to happen today. the main area is designed t
marks. unless you know what you are looking for >> u.s. supreme court heard arguments today in the largest employment discrimination lawsuit in american history. >>s to dozens of people rally in washington in support of the suit against wal-mart. supreme court will decide if the case against wal-mart can continue as class action lawsuit. class action would give, would represent as many as 1.5 million female workers. bay point resident christine is one of the plaintiffs. >> wal-mart may be a big company. that is no doubt. but they are not big enough to where they can't be challenged in a court of law. if you do wrong you should be held accountable. >>reporter: wal-mart denies discriminating against women. supreme court is expected to hand down its decision by late june. >>> as democratic members of congress play up the affordable health care act, there are signs tonight that it might actually hurt the president with a constituency that was key to the campaign in 2008. political reporter mark matthews has the story of the least popular provision of the he
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